Why is your car’s VIN# so important to get the right part?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the gold standard for figuring out if a particular part is the right part for your vehicle. It identifies the country where it was made, the year, the manufacturer and assembly plant and even the production run.  It also describes the vehicle model and key details such as transmission and engine type, body style, trim package, etc. Carfax has a good article explaining which digits carry what information.

The VIN number is shorthand for all the information on year/make/model/engine type and trim package that is critical to identifying which aftermarket parts will fit your vehicle exactly right. True Blue makes it easy to enter your VIN number before you order parts, so you will always get the parts you need – the first time.

Where to find your vehicle’s VIN

The VIN number is on your vehicle’s registration, and also in several places on the vehicle. On the front dash at the bottom of the windshield is a common location, as is inside your car’s driver-side door.  When writing it down, remember the letters I, O, and Q never appear, as they are too similar to the number zero or one.

Camera phones work well if you don’t have a pencil and paper handy.

Picture of a VIN #

The bottom line is that the few minutes it takes to find your VIN# when buying car parts will help you get the right part the first time. True Blue Auto Parts makes it easy for you to use your VIN to shop with us, and also to save that VIN for future shopping.  We want to help you Keep it Running Right!

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Best Car Repair Websites

True Blue Auto Parts is all about getting you the parts you need to “Keep it running right!”™  But we understand that sometimes you need more than parts. You need advice on how to diagnose a problem or make a repair.  Here are some of our favorite resources for  insight and guidance.  Hope they might help you too. Let us know if you have other favorites!

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Popular Mechanics covers cars and a whole lot more. Check out the strong section on their website devoted to cars and car repairs. They also have a great car blog.

Real Car Guys has some great tips on keeping your older car on the road and looking good.

Car Talk
Car Talk is a great community where you can ask questions and share expertise.

Mark Wright at About.com
Mark Wright has some great tips on car repairs on About.com.

Haynes is a good source for Auto Repair Manuals.

Mitchell1 DIY
Mitchell1 DIY and AllData are two other good sources for Auto Repair Manuals.

Mark Gittelman
Mark Gittelman is an ASE Certified Master Technician who will answer your questions online.

AutoMD logo
AutoMD is another community where car repair enthusiasts can share expertise and get help and advice.

YouTube has a great collection of videos showing you how to make repairs.  If you get distracted by a video of a cat chasing a laser pointer, search for car repair tips to get back on track.

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